Fibre Media Converters
General Description:

The product adopts international advanced technology of digital video and optical fiber transmission to perform synchronous, undistorted and high quality signal transmission of video single chip optical fiber.

This optical transmitter and receiver can monitor the normal operation of the system by virtue of indication of video status. It can be installed independently or installed on rack.

Product Features:
  • Card insertion type or independent structure suitable for concentration management of 4 U racks
  • 10 –digit coding and non-compression video transmission
  • Support any high –resolution video signal
  • SHz-10MHz video channel
  • Automatically compatible with PAL, NTSC and SECAM video mode
  • With APC circuit, constant output optical power and wide dynamic range
  • Proven Gigabit optical fiber transmission allowing of easy upgrade
  • LED with indication of power and other parameter status, allowing of monitoring system operation
  • Supporting video intact regenerative relay
  • Advanced adaptive technology avoiding on-site electric or optical regulation
  • Modularized and industrialized design ensuring reliability and flexibility
  • Capable of auto resumption of power fuse
  • Interior power consumption: 4.5 w(Input:AC140 ~ 260V)

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